About Us

Back in the days before the Internet existed, we were young and active on Beltel, Telkom’s text-only foray into providing the public with an online portal. It wasn’t quite a computer super-highway – more like a badly maintained computer dirt road!

We progressed and grew up, among of the early pioneers of the Internet, which has developed to the tool what we now know. Back in the old days, nobody would have dreamed that we may one day need to search through megabytes (let alone terabytes) of data to find elusive pieces of information.

Fast forward to the 1990s, and most companies were either online, or getting online. Ordinary people were starting to hear of this fantastic way of communicating and sharing information. The internet got faster and computer power blasted off and we were getting onto that super-highway.

Looking everywhere

Back then, working as a web developer, we were asked to set up an Intranet for a client. We suggested including a revolutionary search featureĀ  – this was long before Google was even thought of – for their employees to search personnel policies, and find other company information. Surprisingly, they agreed. This initiated the quest for a web based search engine to install on their Intranet.

We eventually found dtSearch, whose web based product, dtSearch Web, was exactly what we were looking for. Tests to put their technology through its paces, resulted in the recommendation that the company purchase a license.

dtSearch product range

Being supremely impressed with both the dtSearch company and their products, we asked whether we could become their South African distributor. This was the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Today, all of South Africa’s leading e-discovery firms use dtSearch in their forensic investigations. Added to this, we’re happy to know that many legal firms, government departments, application developers, universities, and both large and small companies include dtSearch one way or another to further their activities.